For two years prior to becoming Mayor, I had attended City Commission meetings. During that time, I volunteered to conduct focus group interviews for the previous administration (pro bono) so they could learn what the silent majority of Union resident knew about the old Town Plan that was developed back in 2000.  The previous administration learned how residents and business owners felt about the city’s Town Plan.  But, so did I.  When Commissioner Miller asked if I would run for Mayor in August 2014, I knew that I was ready.  So in August 2014, I build my platform to run for Mayor.  I then published it onto this website.  The funny part about it…I never changed one word of it throughout the 2014 Campaign…never needed to change it.  I learned what it took to be a good Mayor before running for the office, and I believe I been a good one ever since!

The following drop downs were my campaign issues in 2014.  Below each of them, I provided the 2018 Status of each issue.  After reading each issue dropped-down, I am confident that you will conclude that our administration has done a lot in almost 4 years, fulfilling most things promised in 2014.