Over the next four years, there are two primary issues this administration needs to be focused on…

  • See that all the initiatives started during the first four years…are completed!
    • We started a lot of initiatives from 2014 to 2018.  We need to make sure they are completed effectively.
  • Convert the old Town Plan into a new Town!
    • We are currently working on this initiative, but it needs to be this administration’s primary focus for the next four years.  The Economic Development Committee (or EDC) under the direction of Commissioner Jeremy Ramage has the lead on this initiative.
    • Here is what is being done…
      • The EDC is now working with land owners to develop cooperation between the City and them.
      • The EDC is now working to find the right contractor to work with to build the city.  In the past, it has been hard to find contractors interested in the project because they only could see the new Mt. Zion project on paper.  One of the reasons this administration fought so hard for the road to be built now (i.e., included within the 2017-18 State Budget) was so contractors could see it live.  Now that this road project is being built and nearing completion, we are confident that the right contractor will be working with us soon.
      • The EDC will work with the selected contractor to shape the new town into a reality…our primary goal.

In mid-July, Channel 5 interviewed me and the owners of Farmstand Restaurant about converting the old Town Plan into a new Town.  Check it out…