In August 2014 before the election, I wrote the following Platform Issue…it did not change throughout the Campaign!

2014…More Transparency And Better Communications.
We learned from the City Of Union Focus Group Study (conducted in early 2014) that while most Union residents were aware that a Town Plan existed, they never hear anything about it nor do they hear anything going on with the City Of Union.

• “While I am aware of the Town Plan, I have not heard anything about it lately.”
• “I have not sought out information…I am sure that work is going on with it.”

A key conclusion was the City Of Union needs to set up an active communication strategy.  Be active in communications…make the City Of Union more relevant into the lives of all residents.  Transparency and communications needs to be a top priority for the new City Administration…

• Create Communication Strategies that…1) Inform residents what is going on pertaining to key issues. 2) Make the City Of Union more actively involved in resident lives. 3) Develop press releases.
• Solicit volunteers to help key issue causes….Example: Solicit Union residents to write and call the Republican Senate leadership to get Route 536 road building the highest priority. John Schickel, our State Senator, told me this would be the best way to help him get attention to the issue.

It is now 2018, here is where we stand on this Issue…

2018 Status: More Transparency and Better Communications.
With the professional staffing (including a City Administrator and Director of Communications and Operations) in place, we easily improved City communications. Melissa Hinkle now monitors all social media to keep all Commissioners and staff on-top of all issues pertaining to the City.  Most Facebook postings, for example, are merely asking questions as to what is going on.  By Ms. Hinkle providing answers to questions immediately, these issues simply go away instead of going on-and-on. Ms. Hinkle has been writing press releases and being proactive on all communications issues to keep all of Union informed and aware of all things going on with our administration.